Our Methods

Our Methods: 
As any scientist quickly discovers, results in the laboratory rarely play out the same in the “real world.” With this in mind, AnCon Bio-Services began our studies in the fields and worked our way back into the laboratory, effectively reverse engineering those problems from the field. One thing we've learned during the last 20 years of research and development is how necessary the presence of the right microbes in order to achieve optimal results in growing with little or NO use of Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticide, Nematicide or Fungicide. 

AnCon Bio-Services employs a standard “Order of Operations” to bring our science to the field. 

  • Evaluate
  • Sample
  • Analyze
  • Diagnosis
  • Recommend
  • Implement

Know the Precise Contents, Deficiencies and Over-Abundances in Your Soil

With the ability of Scientific analysis of your soil, water and plant tissue contents, AnCon Bio-Services details the current state of your gardening environment. Armed with detailed knowledge of elemental and mineral contents in your soil, we go to work with the right combination of wild microbial bacteria and natural elements to establish a balanced an ever improving healthy soil community.