AnCon's Probiotic System

Mother Knows Best:

At AnCon BioServices, we believe that Mother Nature knows best. That's why our Probiotic System with microbes is designed to protect and nurture your soil the natural way. Our microbes feed off the soil and provide slow-releasing nutrients and defense against pathogens through naturally occurring processes without harmful pesticides or chemicals. The end result are plants that are healthy, strong, and fruitful; just like Mother Nature intended. 



Growing a plant as shown in the above figure is very complicated.  Leaving the control of this complicated system up to people predictably results in a number of errors.   In the human controlled system the correction of the errors are made by applying toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. As a result, the amount of toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides have exponentially increased in present day agriculture. Present day operations result in severe damage to the environment and food stuffs that are now polluted with toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Furthermore, present day operations are also destroying the soil resulting in agricultural soils losing their fertility which directly affects the quality of agricultural products. The better the soil fertility, the better the quality of the agricultural products.

We take a totally different approach called “PROBIOTICS” which works to make the “Growing System” autonomous by minimizing input and errors by people and instead returning the control back to Mother Nature. Our system, PROBIOTICS, relies on the microbes to control the growing parameters rather than manual human intervention. With a plentiful food source in your soil, our microbes immediately begin their process of break-down to “Slow Release” the horsepower in the soil and make it easily digestible by the plant.  This provides valuable nutrients to plant to help it grow and build its immune system.  At the same time, these microbes defend the plant against the pathogens in the soil.   This system simultaneously provides food and defense for the plant all while sustainably improving the soil fertility year after year.  And the better fertility, the better the quality of agricultural products/food stuffs.

The PROBIOTIC SYSTEM improves the environment by allowing for less use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides while simultaneously increasing soil fertility and thus increasing the quality of food stuffs. This system improves over time with minimal outside input needed.