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Unleash the power of Microbes

PROBIOTIC 1F's natural, plant-based, patented microbial formula breaks down insoluble nutrients into a usable food for plants while simultaneously defending the plant against harmful pathogens.  All without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically engineered microorganisms

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Probiotic 1F

PROBIOTIC 1F introduces beneficial microbes and slow release nutrients to your soil. This approach increases fertility with time while simultaneously defending the soil without harmful pesticides or chemicals.

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AnCon Bio-Services can provide a variety of soil sampling to help you get the most out of your soil.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Growing

We’ve balanced soils in both the indoor and outdoor growing environments and have identified key differentiators and similarities in these two worlds. Click to learn more about how to best manage your environment.

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