About Us

Our Mission

AnCon Bio-Services was founded over twenty years ago with the mission to use science to bring the natural balance back to your soil.   

We strive to provide any scale of soil grower an alternative to harsh, toxic, and soil contaminating chemicals as well as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that destroy the living nature of our soil and ecologically damage our water and air. 

Our Findings

AnCon Bio-Service's methodical approach utilizes real world data to eliminate the guess work and ensure consistency in balancing and optimizing your soil environment. As we balance and optimize the soils through the work of microbes and natural elements, plants experience improved metabolic rates resulting in increased immune system, increased yields, higher quality fruit and better flavors. 

Our Services

Learn more about how Soil, Water and Tissue Sampling can improve your crop.

Our Methods

AnCon Bio-Services employs a standard “Order of Operations” to bring our science to the field.

Our “School of Thought”

Today we benefit from the best of both Science and Nature. Through scientific analysis of data derived from Soil, Water and Plant Tissue Sampling we identify deficiencies, inconsistencies, over-abundances and lock-ups. By blending our knowledge of Soil Chemistry and Natural Elements with the right combination of microbes, we begin guiding “Mother Nature” back into balance.