Our team is passionate about raising plants the way nature does best, and empowering you to do the same! Get to know some of our key resources:

Conrad J Kulik – Inventor, Founder and CEO – AnCon Bio-Services
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Penn State University
Conrad spent the first 30 years of his career researching and developing ways to increase the output of petro-chemical, coal and utility industries. He holds 7 U.S. Patents, 3 pending and has published over 40 technical papers. In 1995, Conrad took a different direction with both his life and professional career. Personal revelations heavily influenced Conrad to consider the future impacts of his work. Conrad's inspiration to research ways to employ his chemical expertise for the benefit of life on Earth lead to the creation of AnCon Bio-Services.

David W York, Ph.D. - A contractor to AnCon Bio-Services. David handles analytical services in the areas of plant tissue testing, soil testing, irrigation water quality assessment, and plant fertility management. David has worked on over 250 golf courses and sports turf facilities world wide.

Keith Trader – Director, Sales and Marketing – AnCon Bio-Services
A graduate of UCSC, Keith combines his childhood love of gardening with professional sales and marketing best practices learned and developed in the internet world. Keith works directly with Conrad in establishing the messaging, approach and implementation for both the commercial and retail markets. Keith's responsibilities include market analysis, strategy and approach. He manages Channel partner relationships as well as overall sales operations.

Josh Bottomley – Associate, Sales and Marketing – AnCon Bio-Services

Brian Galbraith – A consultant and supplier to AnCon Bio-Services. Brian brings expertise in humate amendments, and how they improve soil fertility to reduce the use of conventional fertilizers and chemicals. Additionally, Brian's capabilities cover a broad range of amendments including: controlling thatch with microbes, managing algae on turf and in ponds, soil fertility, root eating nematodes and other plant diseases.

Elaine Ingham, Ph.D. - A contractor to AnCon Bio-Services. Elaine pioneered the Soil Food Web, and offered great insights as a mentor in Conrad's development of AnCon Bio-Services and Probiotic-1F . Elaine is a world leading expert in the field of soil microbes, and particularly nematodes.