PROBIOTIC Patented Microbial Formula

Introduces beneficial microbes and nutrients into soil. These microbes are collected from the wild, and are far more robust than any grown in a lab. The microbes are paramount to healthy growing, as they break down the nutrients into a usable form for plants.
  • Higher Yields
  • Better Flavor
  • Higher Resistance to Drought, Pests, and Disease
  • Reduces or Eliminates the need of Fungicides, Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Controls Weeds
  • Controls Nematodes
  • Continually Improves Soil
  • Lessens need for Additives and Products

Normal application of PROBIOTIC-1F is 1 pound per 100 square feet of soil every 6 weeks.


5-lb bag $40.00 USD

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Product Information

PROBIOTIC is a dry formula that creates a complex of tannic acid and urea to produce an all natural and extremely effective slow release nitrogen fertilizer. Most importantly, wild beneficial microbes enter the soil to assist with nutrient break down, making nutrients more easily absorbed by plants.

PROBIOTIC patented formula keeps microbes in a dormant state until they come into contact with water. This prevents the microbes from dying off before they have reached the area of application. Unlike laboratory cultures, our wild beneficial microbes enter the soil at a vigorous point in their life cycle, capable of reproducing and thriving in the natural environment.

PROBIOTIC is essentially water insoluble, keeping it from being washed away by irrigation or rain water. This ensures that our customers get what they paid for while providing peace of mind that they are not contaminating our water supplies.

PROBIOTIC contains all natural ingredients, consisting of humic and tanic acid, enzymes, trace minerals and dormant wild microbes. There are no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or genetically engineered microorganisms in our products. PROBIOTIC is non-toxic to fish, wildlife, domestic animals, and humans. The pellets are safe to handle and effective at recommended application rates.

Probiotic 1F is approved for use by the State of California Department of Fish and Game as biologically safe for the environment.

The Soil Food Web and Bottom-Up Effects

A soil's ability to produce healthy, abundant fruits or vegetables is only as great as its abundance of microbial activity. Heavy use of chemicals and chemical fertilizers depletes the natural population of these vital microbes. While Mother Nature is the source of all life, she often plays a role in depleting microbial communities in soils through droughts, floods and extreme heat and starvation. Similar to the Hindu story of Kali, Mother Earth is both a creative and a destructive force at times requiring scientific human intervention to influence and stablilize the effects of her mood.

We benefit today from the best of both worlds. Using scientific analysis of data derived from Soil, Water and Plant Tissue Sampling, we identify inconsistencies, between soil and water and tissue revealing locations of "lock-up." Now employing Chemistry with elements, minerals and the right combination of microbes, we begin guiding Mother Nature back into balance. Achieving maximum potential requires returning wild microbes to chemically balanced soil, rich with natural food sources; a necessary step to restoring the balance of microbes, minerals and overall vitality in your soil.

More information about the Soil Food Web (external link)

Bacillus megaterium

The bacteria, Bacillus megaterium, posses the ability to solubilize insoluble phosphate to soluble form by secreting organic acids. These organic acids lower soil Ph and in turn brings about dissolution of unavailable forms of soil phosphorous. Some of the hydroxyl acids chelate Ca, Al, Fe and Mg resulting in effective availability in soil. Its inoculation as bio-fertilizer reduces the phosphate dose by 50%.

More information about Bacillus megaterium (external link)