LED Grow Lights

Grow indoors with high efficiency!
AnCon Bio-Services has a partner in the LED lighting industry. These lights are excellent for indoor growing with Probiotic fertilizer!
  • Economical long life, low power consumption, high efficiency and cool operating temperatures. LED is a cost effective choice for your
    gardening experience.
  • Energy Efficient LEDs use only 20%-30% of the electricity consumed by HID lights. LEDs can save 70-85% on power over HID lighting systems due to no need for extra blowers and air conditioning systems.
  • Built-in power supply, no ballasts or reflector needed, user friendly design, easy to install and maintain.
  • Typically lasts 7-10 years before you need to consider replacing.
  • Versatile spectrum from the blue LEDs which enhance vegetative growth and the red LEDs which promote the fruiting and flowering stage.
  • Convenient cross-connection with daisy-chain power cord design.


240 Watt Array $399.00 USD

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