Our History

In 1995, Conrad J Kulik took a different direction with both his life and professional career. Personal revelations heavily influenced Conrad to consider the future impacts of his work and inspired him to research ways to employ his chemical expertise for the benefit of life on Earth.

This seemed like a huge undertaking and a topic so broad that it challenged a scientist to identify the right place to begin. Conrad began reading about and following works of Elaine Ingham. Elaine pioneered the concept of the Soil Food Web and the idea that optimum health above soil is only supported when you have optimum microbial communities and health below the surface.

Along his pathway, Conrad met Brian Galbraith of Humate International. Brian had an ongoing relationship with the late Hugh Muir, one of the most forward thinking microbiologists of modern times. Working with Brian in development of various microbial compositions, Conrad regularly found himself testing and experimenting with microbes and cultures that Brian had gotten from Hugh.

It was from Elaine Ingham's azimuth of thought that Conrad went out to the field and worked his way back to the laboratory. In doing so, he encountered a number of progressive and like-minded folks along the way like Brian Galbraith, Bob Brehm of Green Mountain Development Corp. (GMND) and Hugh Muir. Combining tricks and ideas from like-minded folks with ongoing experimentation in the field and constantly cross-referencing against laboratory analysis and results, Conrad invented and patented an incredibly effective, slow-release, microbial soil inoculating fertilizer, Probiotic-1F.