About Us

Why AnCon Bio-Services?
Chemical fertilizers and pesticides kill beneficial microbes and deplete soil nutrients!

Depleted soils area unable to properly retain or transfer nutrients to plants, causing them to become:

  • Malnourished
  • Less Productive
  • More Susceptible to Pests and Disease
  • More Dependent on Additives and Products

Algae quickly metabolize nitrogen and burst into growth. This allows algae to dominate control of resources, including oxygen, in water. The result of which is an excessive amount of green slime and a decrease in bio-diversity.

**Unabsorbed Chemicals and Nutrients leach out of the soil, becoming associated with our creeks, rivers, oceans and drinking water.**

About AnCon Bio-Services:
A complete solution to Balancing Soils for Optimal Performance-

Combining your Practical Knowledge with our Scientific Analysis and our patented Microbial Fertilizer, Probiotic-1F, we remove the guess work and empower you as the, “Keeper of Balance,” restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium and optimizing whatever you choose to grow.

AnCon Bio-Services is based in San Lorenzo, California. Our main office may be reached at (510) 782-6737 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time).

Our Mission:
Promote optimal plant growth with minimal or no use of pesticides.

Provide any scale of soil grower be they commercial, state, federal, or residential property owners, an alternative to harsh, toxic and soil contaminating chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that destroy the living nature of our soil and ecologically damage our water and air.

Use symbiotic microbes instead of chemicals when addressing pathogenic issues

Customize environmentally safe programs that support vitally important biological systems in a cost effective manner.

What We Believe:
The human species is perhaps the most valuable “ Keeper of Balance” in the Garden of Eden. At times, Mother Nature herself has temper tantrums with extreme hot and cold weather, floods, drought, etc... These extremes effectively throw the entire dynamic bio-shpere our of balance.
At AnCon Bio-Services we believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our Scientific Analysis with your Practical Knowledge and empower you as the, “Keeper of Balance,” restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium and optimizing whatever you choose to grow.

Our Methods:
As any scientist quickly discovers, results in the laboratory rarely play out the same in the “real world.” With this in mind, AnCon Bio-Services began our studies in the fields and worked our way back into the laboratory, effectively reverse engineering those problems from the field. One thing we've learned during the last 18 years of research and development is how necessary the presence of the right microbes in order to achieve optimal results in growing with little or NO use of Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticide, Nematicide or Fungicide.

AnCon Bio-Services employs a standard “Order of Operations” to bring our science to the field.

  • Evaluate
  • Sample
  • Analyze
  • Diagnosis
  • Recommend
  • Implement

Know the Precise Contents, Deficiencies and Over-Abundances in Your Soil

With the ability of Scientific analysis of your soil, water and plant tissue contents, AnCon Bio-Services details the current state of your gardening environment. Armed with detailed knowledge of elemental and mineral contents in your soil, we go to work with the right combination of wild microbial bacteria and natural elements to establish a balanced an ever improving healthy soil community.

Soil, Water and Tissue Sampling

Soil Analysis: tested for Cation exchange capacity, pH, buffer pH, organic matter content, exchangeable cations (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium) anions (Phosphates and Sulfates), total soluble salts, and extractable micro nutrients (Boron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Iron).Tells the presence and concentration of 12 elements in your soil, essential for optimal plant health

Water Analysis: tested for pH, presence and concentration of Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Nitrate-nitrogen, Chloride, Sulfate-sulfur, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Boron. Total dissolved solids, hardness, electrical conductivity, Sodium absorption ratio, adjusted Sodium absorption ratio and percent Sodium. A complete interpretation and discussion of the results is presented along with the analysis.

Plant Tissue Analysis: Tells where the “lock-up” exist in the soil. We analyze tissues using near-infrared photo spectrometry, measuring the presence of the following12 elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boron and Sodium. Deficiencies and in consistencies between plant tissue and soil contents explain which elements are presently “locked-up”, effectively blocking nutrient transport from the soil to the plant.

Our “School of Thought”:

Soil Food Web and Bottom-Up Effects
The Soil Food Web is a conceptual term for the entire community of organisms that live and interact with soil. It includes bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insects, the birds that feed on them, and everything in between. Bottom-up effects occur when changes to populations lower in the food chain affect those above, such as when an increase in bacteria results in greater levels of nematodes, which in turn results in more mites, and so on up.
Therefore, a soil’s ability to produce healthy, abundant fruits or vegetables is only as great as it's abundance of microbial activity. Heavy use of chemicals and chemical fertilizers depletes the natural population of these vital microbes. While “Mother Nature” is the source of all life, she also plays a role in depleting microbial communities in soils through droughts, floods and extreme heat and starvation.

Today we benefit from the best of both Science and Nature. Through scientific analysis of data derived from Soil, Water and Plant Tissue Sampling we identify deficiencies, inconsistencies, over-abundances and lock-ups. By blending our knowledge of Soil Chemistry and Natural Elements with the right combination of microbes, we begin guiding “Mother Nature” back into balance. Achieving maximum potential requires returning “wild” microbes to chemically balanced soil rich with natural food sources; a necessary step to restoring the balance of microbes, minerals and overall vitality in your soil.

Our Findings:
If soil chemistry and soil biology are correctly balanced and have been working together for a reasonable length of time, soil will have the right structure – in other words, soil physics will be just fine.

AnCon Bio-Service's methodical approach utilizes real world data to eliminate the guess work and ensure consistency in balancing and optimizing your soil environment. As we balance and optimize the soils through the work of microbes and natural elements, plants experience improved metabolic rates resulting in increased immune system, increased yields, higher quality fruit and better flavors.